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How to Make Friends - Logan Style

This is Logan's phrase of the century (thanks Regular Show) and him and his buddies say this to each other, British accent and all. When our homeschool group attended a field trip at our local Hardee's to learn about work ethics, responsibility, etc. there is always that open opportunity for new friendships; here is how my kid rolls.

Logan: Mom, I can't get these gloves off.
Matthew: *chewing*

Logan: *chewing*
Matthew: *chewing*

As they finished inhaling their food Logan began twisting on his seat, he swiveled right and possible new friend was throwing his items in the trash, Logan says

Ello Gov'nor

and then swivels to the other side. Possible new friend more then likely does not know what that means or why Logan just spoke to him in a British accent or called him Gov'nor but it must have intrigued him because

it began a conversation about Xbox, who has Xbox Live, what games, you know boy talk. 

Possible new friend and his mom are quite lovely and in the near future we will be having a Boy Xbox/Nerf Shindig. 

Though Logan's ways are quirky and interesting they definitely spark curiosity. And yes, I love capturing it all on photograph for I need visuals when telling the story to Phil. And as I am telling him about it in pops Logan 

Ello Gov'nor!


  1. Loved the post!

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  2. Love it. He's actually come up with a cool way to meet people and put a smile on their faces. A visitor from iBlog4me Blog Hop